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Bluetooth Mini Computer Keyboards and Keypads

The big advantage of Bluetooth keyboards is that unlike other computer keyboards and keypads they usually don't require anything in the way of a connecting cable. You just turn them on, pair with your device, and you're good to go. Bluetooth mini computer keyboards and keypads are a great accessory for things like tablets and large phones, as well as computers.

Creation vs. Consumption

When it comes to computer use, there's a gap between creating and consuming content. Content consumers are usually happy with just a screen and a set of headphones. It's really all you need to watch a video or read a book. For content creation, you need a way to get the ideas from your head to the machine, and that's where a keyboard comes in. It's still the best method for getting ideas out of your head and into the cloud.


The biggest use case for Bluetooth keyboards isn't simply computers; it's tablets. Many tablets have large screens and powerful processors. Often running either iOS or Android, they have more than enough power for general computing. What holds them back is the lack of a suitable input device. However, the growing prevalence of portable keyboards has made tablets much better working tools than they once were.

Home Theatre

With all the streaming video available on so many different platforms, it's no surprise that many people have turned to using a home theatre PC to view content. Among other things, only computers have the flexibility to work with all the different streaming platforms. The catch is that no one wants to sit in front of the TV just to pick a movie. Adding a Bluetooth mini computer keyboard with enhanced function keys lets you get back in your comfy chair.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While most mobile phones and tablets already come with Bluetooth transceivers built in, not all computers do. Just like other wireless mini computer keyboards and keypads, many come with USB dongles so that you can use the keyboard with devices that lack native Bluetooth support.

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