Get rid of the wires with a Bluetooth printer

Bluetooth printers are very convenient and easy to set up. They can be used to print documents and photos from anywhere and are usually very portable, which means you can take them with you without much hassle. The range of Bluetooth and wireless printers is ever growing, meaning you'll have plenty to choose from.

Bluetooth has many advantages over other wireless connections in the fact that any Bluetooth enabled device can connect easily without having to tweak or input any wifi details.

Bluetooth printer

Bluetooth printers can connect to devices within close range and are handy because you don't need to connect a USB cable to the printer and device for it to work. Most modern laptops will have Bluetooth enabled, making the printing process much easier. If your laptop or computer doesn't have Bluetooth, you can still use a Bluetooth printer by connecting a small adapter to a USB port.

Passwords can often be set up to avoid anyone connecting to your printer. Units can range from simple one function printers to those with more features and some with scanning functionality. Or you could always go for an all-in-one Bluetooth printer and have your scanner, printer and copier all in one place.

Wireless printers

Wireless printers are able to print from anywhere, which makes them very useful and convenient. You could be sitting in your bedroom and print a picture from the printer in the next room or even on the next floor. Wireless printing is similar to Bluetooth, but the distance between the printer and computer or laptop can be much greater. It's also possible to buy a Bluetooth printer that also includes wireless Wi-Fi so you can get the best of both worlds.

Mobile printer

If you've ever wanted to print selfies straight from your phone, whether you own an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can now do just that with a mobile printer. All you need is a Bluetooth connection that will connect your mobile to the pocket mobile printer to start printing instantly.