Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Thanks to the steady improvement of the Bluetooth protocol and the ever-increasing spread of Bluetooth-enabled computers, more and more people have been turning toward Bluetooth computer speakers as a way to get out from under the tyranny of cable routing. They are quick and easy to set up and provide great sound quality.

Wireless Speaker Options

When it comes to wireless computer speakers, you have two main options: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has a longer range, but Bluetooth is easier to setup. Further, Wi-Fi is also more flexible in that it enables you to connect your speakers to multiple devices in various ways. However, the biggest advantage of Bluetooth is that it doesnt take up any of your local network bandwidth. Wi-Fi uses the same connection you are using to surf the Web; Bluetooth uses its own.

Bluetooth Speaker Features

Bluetooth speakers offer a wide range of different options and features. Bluetooth speakers with AC power are among the most popular options, as they connect directly to the mains at a power point. Plugging in wireless speakers may sound like an odd choice, but it saves you from having to worry about batteries. You can also get Bluetooth computer speakers with a headphone jack, which is handy when you keep your speakers on your desk and need to go from ambient to discreet.

Types of Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Bluetooth computer speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can get a pair of small battery operated speakers that you can carry with you wherever you go. You can get a sound bar that fits under your monitor, and there are even complete 5.1 speaker sets that include a subwoofer as well as surround sound.

Choosing Bluetooth Computer Speakers

When it comes to choosing your own Bluetooth speakers, the first thing to consider is what you want them for. Gamers have different needs than audiophiles; some people want to keep their speakers at home, while others want to throw them in a bag and take them everywhere. Always double-check the Bluetooth revision, as later versions give improved sound.