Bluetooth OBDII Automotive Code Readers & Scanners


Keep Your Vehicle Under Control With An OBD2 Bluetooth

Whether looking for an entry-level or in-depth code reader and engine scanner for your workshop or your garage at home at an affordable price, check out eBay’s range of OBDII Bluetooth automotive readers and scanners. You will find an excellent range of OBDII code readers to help you access the engine system of any compatible OBD car. You can choose from basic or professional code readers and scanners that test more systems like ABS, airbag, body gear, and more. 

OBD2 Bluetooth automotive code readers

OBD2 Bluetooth adapters are Bluetooth devices that connect to your vehicle's computer and read vehicle codes. Each of these devices has different features, and some are more capable than others. 

Bluetooth OBD2 adapters are an inexpensive and reliable way to check the parameters of your car. Some can check basic engine and drivetrain modules, while others have more advanced diagnostic features and live telemetry. Types include:

  • BlueDriver: One of the most popular OBD2 Bluetooth scanners is easy to use, even for novices. The device can check engine codes and monitor most of your car's systems. However, the only drawback to BlueDriver is that it doesn't support very old vehicles.
  • Autel AP200M: This Bluetooth OBD2 adapter supports most cars built after 1996. It features real-time monitoring of engine data and voltage values. It also includes a trip analysis feature and voice alarms for fatigue and speeding. It is compatible with most U.S. cars, European vehicles, and Asian vehicles. In addition, it supports more than one car type and can be used to monitor multiple vehicles at once. 
  • The Kiwi 3 is another Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that works with iPhones, Android, and other smart devices. It's a simple and affordable device that connects to an onboard diagnostic port. It retrieves information from the car's computer and wirelessly transmits it to your smart device. 

Choosing an OBD2 Bluetooth code scanner or reader has never been easier with eBay so start shopping today. Use the search filters to narrow your search by vehicle type, motorcycle, passenger vehicle or commercial, and price. You can also find the Foxwell scan tool and Bluetooth OBD readers. Check what the manufacturer’s warranty covers before you purchase and the seller’s terms and conditions for returns and delivery times. Shop with confidence, knowing eBay offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases.