Bluetooth Car Stereo Units - Quality Sound At The Touch Of A Button

Ready to update the old cassette radio car stereo in your classic car that hasn't worked for years and bring it into the 21st century? Take a little time to shop with eBay for a new top-of-the-line Bluetooth-ready car audio in-dash unit. You will find a range of radio only, digital media receivers without CD, or radio with CD players available from a range of popular brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, Alpine or Clarion for you to choose from. 

Considerations when buying a Bluetooth car stereo

A Bluetooth car stereo offers a variety of features and functions. Aside from making and receiving calls, Bluetooth allows you to listen to music wirelessly. Considerations include:

  • Phone calls: The most useful features of a Bluetooth car stereo are call waiting and volume control. If you're planning to connect your phone to the radio while driving, a car stereo with this feature is a great choice. The stereo will automatically mute your music when talking on the phone, which is incredibly convenient for people who need to make calls.
  • Abundant features: The best Bluetooth car stereo has several features, including the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously. A good quality model supports NFC wireless pairing, 13-band EQ adjustment, and USB ports. It also has a strong radio tuner that can get good reception and is easy to use. In addition, it can connect to Bluetooth devices with ease, and it is compatible with most types of smartphones and tablets.
  • Entertainment: You can use a Bluetooth car stereo to keep contact lists and address books on your phone. And there’s no doubt it is a great way to get the most out of your music and entertainment. While there are many different options, a Bluetooth car stereo is designed to work with various mobile devices, so be sure to check the features and functions before you buy. 

Be sure to set the filters to shop by price if you have a particular budget set aside for your new Bluetooth car stereo, also if you have a preferred brand, set the filter to shop by this also, saving you a lot of time. Look for eBay Plus sellers, and as an eBay Plus member, enjoy the extra benefits of free express delivery on your purchase and free returns. Make sure you check out the Joying head unit range and Toyota car audio in dash units to see if they suit.