Soft, quiet, sophisticated cabinetry with Blum

Blum is a family business founded in the 1950s, specialising in Austrian-engineered cabinetry mechanisms like hinge systems, box systems, lift systems and runner systems. The Blum brand name has come to be synonymous with sophisticated "soft-close" drawers that run smoothly, never slam, and afford sleek and streamlined designs.

Blum's Australian subsidiary was established in 1997, and Blum has now been a trusted partner of Australian high-quality cabinet makers for over twenty years. You've probably already benefited from Blum fittings in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and offices, but with unobtrusiveness as a core design value, you may not have noticed at the time.

Blum cabinet hardware

Looking for a great deal on Blum cabinets and cabinet hardware, including soft-close drawer runners, soft-close hinges and other Blum furniture fittings? Find everything you need online in one place right here on eBay, from hinges to overhead stays, attachments and overlays.

Blum drawer slides

Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with Blum drawer slides. Combining Austrian engineering and high-quality materials, Blum drawer slides are an investment that will reward you with smooth, seamless, quiet drawer access for years to come.

Blum soft-close mechanisms

Are you sick of asking your family to stop slamming drawers and cabinet doors? Worried that the shock might rattle precious ceramics and fragile glassware? Concerned that repeated slamming is shortening the life of your cabinets? Or have you already found hinges coming unscrewed and drawer runners slipping out of place? Soft-close mechanisms might be the solution for you.

Soft-close hinges and runners catch doors and drawers before they shut, softening the movement but ensuring they close neatly, making them nearly impossible to slam. An investment in soft-close kitchen fittings is an investment in peace and quiet.

Blum cutlery drawers and trays

On eBay you'll find a good selection of high-quality cutlery drawers and draw inserts manufactured by this industry-leading Austrian brand. Designed to exacting specifications to reduce rattling, slamming, grinding and to streamline unnecessary bulk, Blum cutlery drawers are the perfect marriage of functionality and beauty, providing a touch of luxury in your kitchen.

Did you know?

eBay's handy filter function makes it easy to narrow your search results, so that shopping for hardware online is even easier than searching the shelves of a brick-and-mortar department store. Simply scroll to the filter menu on the left-hand side and select the hardware features you need.

The list of refinements varies in size depending on each hardware brand or product type. In general, the bigger the range on eBay, the greater control you'll have over what type of results you see.

For Blum products, you can filter by room (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office, for example), condition (brand new, opened but never used, or used), and volume (single attachment or set). If you're not sure you need a particular feature, or if selecting a certain feature seems to be filtering out too many useful results, simply leave the box blank.

Your next DIY project awaits and Blum has all the cabinetry mechanisms you need for a successful finish.