Boar bristle hair brushes combs

When it comes to hair care, there are a number of tools available. Boar bristle brushes and combs have been around for generations and are often underestimated. The design of the brush handle can vary. Generally, it will have a wooden handle and the bristles will be entirely made out of boar bristles, while others may have some artificial strands as well.

The bristles are great for soothing your hair out, lifting dirt and building, as well as redistributing oil throughout hair. Dirt and build-up are attracted from your hair ensuring your hair is clean and healthy. Redistributing the oil means that instead of all the oils sitting at your roots, they are brought further down your strands. This is important as it closes the strands allowing them to retain moisture, keeping your hair healthier, shinier and softer. When it comes to colour schemes the brushes stick more to natural tones to complete the natural and eco-friendly product. Colours are usually blonde, brown and black bristles with similar colours for handles. These brushes are best for fine or fragile hair. The bristles are much softer and won’t pull as harshly so it greatly reduces the risk of unnecessary damage. The main purpose for boar bristle brushes comes down to styling. You use a comb to detangle and take care of knots. While the bristle brush is great for teasing, smoothing and controlling your style.

What brush to get

This all depends on what your intended purpose for it is. Generally speaking, the bigger the brush the larger the area it is meant for.

  • Round - These are best for creating volume and shaping when styling.
  • Paddle - ideal for straightening, brushing in general and creating a smooth glossy finish. You can even get them for facial hair! These are smaller to be easy to control. Brush out your moustache and beard to have them healthy and looking amazing.

To ensure you can easily style your hair you may want some hair styling tools or styling products.