Board and Traditional Chess

You can buy chess boards made from marble, wood, plastic and even magnets for playing during flights or road trips. The best quality sets have a stylish look that make them wonderful centrepieces for your coffee table or cabinet, while the smaller magnetic sets are easy to pack up into a handy box and take with you on holidays. The size of a small portable chess set is about 24cm x 24cm, an average fold-up chess set is about 34cm x 34cm, and some of the more glamourous boards measure up to 41cm x 41cm. Colours vary from traditional white and black to brighter colours, natural wood colours and glass. Many of the chess boards available on eBay are brand new and unused, but if youre buying a lovely vintage set you may want to look at the item description and photos for any possible wear and tear.Boardgame fanatics might be interested in a 5-in-1 or 10-in-1 multi-game house set that includes chess, backgammon, checkers, snakes and ladders, and more. You can also buy novelty sets with themed pieces, such as Batman characters. If you love Monopoly as well as chess, why not check out all the monopoly boards and traditional games that tickle your fancy?

Whether youre a beginner or veteran, theres only one way to take your chess skills to the next level, and thats to own a chess set and play the game as often as possible! Chess sets on eBay come in all different sizes and styles, so your choice depends on whether youre buying the set for home display or frequent use by the whole family.

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