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Boat Anchoring & Mooring

Boat Anchoring and Mooring

How youre going to moor and anchor your boat is one of the most important considerations when buying a new vessel, since you need to ensure its still there next time you want to take to the water. The choice of ship anchor and winch depends largely on the size of your boat, where youll be launching it and the conditions it will be subject to. You can find a whole range of different anchor types that are suitable for particular substrates, as well as both manual and electric winches to launch and retrieve your boat.

How Do I Choose a Boat Winch?

Boat trailer winches help ease your boat into the water when launching and help get your boat back onto the trailer at the end of the day. Manual boat winches are the most common type with a hand-cranked system and a gearbox that enables winching at different speeds or ratios. You can also find electric winches, which come with a higher price tag, and have a line-pulling capacity up to 7,000 kilogrammes and may be necessary if youre handling a large boat.

How Do I Choose a Boat Anchor?

Considering the anchor is the main means of securing your boat while youre on the water, its important that you select one that is right for your needs. Boat anchors come in various different styles, including fluke anchors, plough anchors, grapnels and folding boxes. The type of anchor thats right for you depends on where youll be anchoring most often—in exposed coastal settings or sheltered lake and river environments—as well as the bottom types youll be encountering. A large-sized anchor is going to be more resistant and better at penetrating deeper into the substrate. The size of the anchor rather than its weight determines the holding capacity, so the general rule of thumb is to go for the biggest anchor available for your boat size.

Which Other Boat Anchoring And Mooring Accessories Are Available?

In addition to winches and anchors, you can also find boat cleats and fenders to assist in mooring and anchoring your vessel. Other boating accessories available include outboard engines and a range of electronics, together with hardware for your deck or cabin.