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Boat compasses for marine explorers

A compass is an essential piece of navigation kit which is used to measure the magnetic direction of sighted objects relative to you. When choosing a compass there are a number of considerations to make. For example, if you sail after dark, illuminated compasses are your friend. If you sail in rough areas like the Antarctic ocean, you should consider tilt correction. Once you have made these choices you need to decide if you need a hand bearing or fixed mount compass.

Different features and styles for every marine voyager

While a fixed mount compass shows your heading, a sight bearing compass shows your current position. Although this task is usually performed by a GPS system these days, a hand bearing compass provides an excellent backup because they don't require electricity or a satellite reception to provide an accurate reading.

Different types of fixed compasses

The fixed mount compass shows your current heading. There are many types of fixed compasses available on eBay including flush mounts, bracket mounts, Binnacle mounts, and mast mounts.

Flush mount horizontal models are suitable for a central steering station or flybridge, provide an excellent viewing angle and can be supplied with a PowerDamp fixing for uncompromised viewing in a rough sea. Ideal for bulkhead mounting, these can be situated inside or outside the cabin where it can be easily seen from the cockpit.

Bracket mounts are popular with offshore powerboats, as they allow the compass to be positioned quickly and easily on any surface or angle. Bracket mounts can also be removed and stored safely when not in use.

The Binnacle mount is great for a sailboat with steering wheel tiller and is the most popular type. They can be supplied as fixed or removable compasses with PowerDamp if required.

Mast mounts are ideal for sailboats with limited space on deck. Most fixed or bracket mounted compasses can be fitted to the mast by selecting a suitable mast mount kit.

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