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Boat Electrical Lighting Equipment

We all have our hobbies, and for many outdoor enthusiasts, boating and fishing are high on the priority list. Many sailboats have all the modern conveniences of home, therefore, having the appropriate lighting and electrical equipment to see them through from day to night is critical.

Power Inverters

Inverters are necessary to convert 12-volt DC power coming from boat batteries to 220-240 volt AC power to run your lights and other electrical items. No one wants to be left sitting in the dark or have to put an end to their fishing before they have even reeled their first one onto the hull. Therefore an efficient and proper electrical setup will make sure there are no blackouts or burnouts and keep all the anglers and sailors happy. No one wants to be fiddling with switch panels and fuses unnecessarily.

LED Boat Lights

LED boat lights are becoming the popular choice for individuals who enjoy yachting or boating. Thanks to major technological improvements, LED boat lights can reduce battery drain using as little as 20% of the power required for traditional bulbs. They definitely have their benefits as LED boat lights will save you on battery charge and cost.

Navigation and Anchor Lights

While all Australian states vary in their rules and regulations, boats in Australian waters must show navigation lights between sunset and sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility. Navigation lights must always be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on the size and location of your boat, anchor lights may also need to be displayed during the night time hours.


Safety on the water is paramount and having quality boating electrical and lighting products which meet the Australian government safety standards is important. Using the appropriate inverters on your boat will not only allow you to run your lighting efficiently, but you will also be able to power up your laptops, mobile phones and other electronics without fear of overheating. This will help you stay in contact with those on land should trouble arise. As many inverters run on sine waves, they are safe for even the most sensitive electronic equipment. Inverters on today’s market also have short-circuit protection, low battery alarm and safety shutdown for extra security and protection ensuring that your boat lighting will last as long as you need it to.