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A guide to boat hatches

Boat hatches are used to access different areas on boats and sometimes in RVs and caravans. They are a simple solution to help you gain access to hard to reach areas or places where a normal door wouldn’t work. 

What is a boat hatch?

A boat hatch is a covering which allows for access to storage areas or further spaces in a boat from the deck. Boat hatches can also be used for caravans, four-wheel drives and RVs, typically to get to hard to access storage areas, as doorways, or to give entry to the roof. 

Boat hatches come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed to open outwards, leaving a flush surface on the exterior of your boat when closed. Large boat hatches are used to enter cargo or living spaces, while smaller boat hatches can protect equipment. 

What are boat hatches made from?

There is a range of materials boat hatches can be made from, including heavy duty plastic, glass and metal. What material you choose depends on the intended purpose. For marine use, make sure you get a boat hatch with an appropriate seal to keep water and debris out. 

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