Boat Ladder

Boat Ladder

Whether you have a small or large boat, having a boat ladder is not only a typical safety regulation, it’s helpful if you decide to disembark and re-enter the boat. Great for swimming in the middle of the sea, fishing or other adventures, a boat ladder gives you a little more freedom in the middle of the water. There are several different styles and types to choose from to ensure that your boating experiences are always enjoyable.


Most often, boat ladders have a stainless-steel construction. Not only do they not tarnish after immersion in the water, they remain durable, safe and usable for many a fishing season. You may, however, find other ladders made of polyurethane or wood (such as a folding ladder). These types are also great for most boats, depending upon your usage. You’ll find most boat anchoring and mooring supplies are made from stainless steel for longevity.

Three-Step Ladders

The most common type of boat ladder is a three-step ladder. This type is easily mountable to nearly any size or type of boat with the right boat and deck cabin hardware, and is an easy DIY job. This type of ladder provides three rungs on which to climb into a boat, which gives you a little more leverage to propel yourself back on board.

Easy-Up Ladders

An easy-up ladder is very similar to a three-step ladder, but it only includes one step. This type of ladder takes a little bit of arm and shoulder strength to get back into the boat, although it’s usable for most people. An easy-up ladder is a good idea for smaller boats, as it takes up less room. It’s easily attached with the same type of hardware you’d use for a three-rung ladder.

Folding Ladders

Folding ladders don’t always necessarily attach to the side of the boat, and are tossed overboard along the side of the boat, providing passengers easy access to get back on. These types are usually made from rope (or twine) and wood, or other materials. You also have the option of an unmounted, removable aluminium ladder. This type collapses within itself for easy storage.