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Boat Life Jackets and Floatation Equipment

Nobody ever expects their boat or ship to sink; if you did your insurer might have some questions to ask. The key to your survival, and the survival of everyone else out on the water, is having boat life jackets and other flotation equipment on hand to keep you alive until help arrives. There’s no good reason to go out on the water without a life jacket for everyone on board. Ideally, you should even be carrying spares just in case. After all, it could be life or death.

One Size Does Not Fit All

A life jacket’s ability to hold you above water is only as good as its ability to hold you at all. A life jacket that doesn’t fit properly is no good, and this is especially relevant when you’re bringing young children on board. There are special child-size life jackets for all ages, from the very smallest to teen-sized ones. A life jacket needs to inflate quickly as well, so it’s a good idea to check the gas cylinder regularly and replace it if needed.

Safety is King and Queen

Floating in the middle of the ocean can be a quick wait for rescue or a days-long ordeal, and it all depends on what other measures you’ve taken to make your boating trip safer. Boat compasses are a sensible purchase on any day, but in an emergency you’ll want to be able to report your location as accurately as possible. Once you’re out on the water other boat safety equipment can make all the difference. With floating emergency beacons, reflective tape and whistles you can make yourself known, buoys can help with flotation, and emergency leak sealant can keep you going for a little while longer. You can also get anti-slip tape for the deck to make sure nobody goes overboard.

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