Boat Parts & Accessories

All the bits and bobs you need for your boat

Owning a boat is one of life’s great pleasures. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have this reality, it’s likely you’ll want to ensure your vessel is in seaworthy shape all year around, ready to take out at a moment’s notice whenever the sailing or fishing fancy takes you.

To help you out, eBay stocks a wide variety of interior and exterior boat parts and accessories at great prices. What follows are just a small selection to whet your appetite.

Replacement parts and add-on accessories

Even with rapid advances in technology, boats will always need a replacement part or two to keep them in tip top condition. At the bigger end, you may be on the hunt for a new propeller or outboard engine, while on the smaller side, perhaps you need a fuel filter, ignition coil, or small service kit for use between major tune-ups with your service professional. One brand that carries all of these and more is Yamaha. Have a browse to see if their range contains your boat’s best fit.

Finding your way

Good sailors rely on more than just the wind to tell them where to go. If you’re in this boat, you might like to consider upgrading your on board navigation systems with a new chart plotter from brands such as Raymarine. For a more personal form of pathfinding, you could even consider a Garmin GPS watch, helping you stay on track both time and location-wise.

Spruce up inside and out

When you’re out on the big seas, comfort needn’t take a backseat. Take the helm and upgrade your boat seating, fitting your vessel out with premium seats fit for a king or queen. You could also think about giving your deck an overhaul with some new anti-slip matting. This way you’re guaranteed of being sure-footed when the next big catch comes calling. Or if sailing is more your thing, there are plenty of new and used sail options to peruse too.

Boat care

When it’s time to get back to port, you want to be sure your boat is well protected from the elements. Here on eBay, you’ll uncover a wide range of heavy duty boat covers in a large selection of sizes, as well as those that will safeguard your outboard motor. If you want some added shade protection while you’re out on the water, check out eBay’s selection of boat bimini tops as well.