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Boat Plumbing and Ventilation Equipment

Boating excursions are relaxing when you're sunbathing, fishing or cruising the open waters. Just like any full or part-time residence, you'll repair or upgrade your boat's equipment and possibly add a few boat accessories. Don't hesitate to replace a 12V water pressure pump or buy a boat fan to cool off. Then, you can get back to enjoying marine life and your favourite water activities.

Bilge Pump

You'll love your boat bilge pump if you're taking on water and there's a chance the watercraft might sink. A bigger pump is necessary when you routinely encounter rough seas or own a larger boat. You'll find pumps rated at 750 to 3700 GPM and higher. Look for ones with moisture-tight seals that are fully submersible and run quietly. Furthermore, you can purchase centrifugal pumps that must be submerged to work and diaphragm pumps that are self-priming and similar to a wet-vac. Some pumps include the battery and automatic float switch, while others do not.

Deck Wash Pump

Boats that frequently manoeuvre through salt water need a deck wash pump to keep the deck free of mineral buildup. Dirt and debris also find their way onto decks. These self-priming washdown pump kits are portable so you can use them on projects elsewhere. While on board, use the pump to clean your boat anchor, deck chairs or life preservers. The rubber feet on the bottom of the pump keep it secure on surfaces when in use.

Marine Toilet

Most marine toilets have porcelain bowls so they're easy to clean as well as soft-close seats and lids. They use very little water to operate and do so quietly. Moreover, a 12V DC marine toilet normally comes with a wired switch box for easy installation.