Boat Propellers

Sleek and reliable boat propellers

When boating, durable and reliable boat propellers are a must. For the best performance, you want sleek and sturdy blades that cut effortlessly through the water.There are numerous reliable brands offering high-performance blades, like Mercury, Yamaha and Suzuki, and all can be found here on eBay.

Getting it right

Different outboard motors or built-in engines have different abilities in terms of power. If you get a propeller thats too big for a motor, the water resistance will mean the propulsion system cant work at full capacity. You need to ensure the boat prop you go for is right for your motor, both in terms of size and material.

A lightweight propeller is always a great boon, and for this reason, aluminium and moulded plastic or rubber are popular material choices. They wont be negatively affected by the water. They wont add any unnecessary weight to your boat, so as long as you select the right size for your motor then youre laughing!

If applicable to your boat, a hydrofoil will give you that extra bit of speed by lifting the hull out of the water and decreasing drag. These sleek panels will not only work alongside your chosen boat propeller for a smoother journey, theyll also improve the aesthetic of your boat.

Research is key

Do your research when shopping for a propeller for your boat. No-one with a boat wants to be spending all their time and money on getting a new propeller. You need to know precisely what you need and what your particular boat can and cant handle. The wrong boat propeller can do serious damage to your boat.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of different sized propellers and blades floating around waiting to be snapped up. Different materials will have different weights and therefore will affect your boat differently, so keep this in mind before committing to a purchase.