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Boat Seat Pedestal Seating

Boat seat pedestal seating is ideal for those who want a raised seat for their boat. This type of seating works for the person captaining the boat, as well as for boat passengers. Pedestal boat seating gives you a higher vantage point, while ensuring that your seat is securely attached to the boat itself. There are different types of pedestals available, so you can find those that work for your specific boat.

Pedestals for Swivel Boat Seats

Swivel seat boat pedestal seating is ideal for those who want to be able to turn their seat all the way around to view all areas of their boat. Pedestals for swivel seats feature an anchoring base that attaches to the boat, and a swivelling bar that is attached to the base. Many of these bars are adjustable so that you can change the height of the pedestal and raise or lower your seat to find a comfortable position.

Pedestals for Stationary Boat Seats

Pedestals for stationary boat seats also feature an anchoring base that attaches directly to the boat. The other end of the pedestal attaches to the seat itself. Stationary seats cannot swivel, but some of them have an adjustable height function so that you can raise and lower the seat. There are pedestals for stationary seats available in one- and two-seat varieties.

Aluminium Boat Seat Pedestals

Aluminium boat seat pedestals are lightweight, which means that they add very little overall weight to your boat. This makes them a good choice for smaller watercrafts that are faster and more efficient with less overall weight.

Stainless Steel Boat Seat Pedestals

Stainless steel boat seat pedestals are a bit heavier than aluminium pedestals, but they are very strong and highly durable. Stainless steel is rust-resistant, so it is not a problem if the pedestals get wet. They mainly come in silver, but you can also find them in black and white.

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