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Boating & Water Sports Bindings

Boating and Watersports Bindings

Boating is a great way to spend the summer; any water sport lets you cool off while also spending time in the sun, catching rays and relaxing on beaches. But even in summer the winds and waves can get wild when you go further out. There’s a bunch of different types of safety gear to help you out for this eventuality, including good, sturdy wakeboarding boots, harnesses to tie yourself to your boat while retaining the ability to walk around and strobing LED lanyards to make it easier to be found if you do go overboard in a low-light situation. Boating is good fun, but also potentially dangerous if you let your guard down.


On a boat or ship, safety equipment often also includes anti-slip tape on the outer parts of the boat’s surface to help you keep your grip as you move around. On top of that, life vests and other personal floatation devices are also obviously a must. Of course you need to prevent people from going overboard as best you can, but you can’t assume it will never come to that. Finally, a good amount of strong rope is essential for every boating adventure.

Water Sports

There are plenty of water sports where you’re constantly hurtling through air and water, either behind a boat, attached to a kite, or just catching waves on your surfboard. When wakeboarding, you’ll need special boots to stay on the board, not unlike a snowboard or skis but more watertight and this is obviously also the case with waterskis. For these sorts of sports, some of the gear is universal, but for other things you’ll want to make sure you’re getting water skiing equipment that was engineered specifically for the situations that waterskiing will put you in. You’ll need belts and leashes made from bungee cord. The bungee cord is because, if the cord doesn’t flex, your spine will.

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