Boating and Water Sports Dry Bags

Dry bags are popularly used by those who partake in watersports and boating. They are typically constructed of waterproof material and come designed to keep belongings within the bag dry even when fully submerged. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, be sure to opt for one that is large enough to comfortably fit your gear.


Boating bags are typically constructed of either vinyl or nylon with a waterproof coating. When searching for nylon bags, make sure to keep your eye out for the letter D, since nylon dry bags feature a number followed by a "D" to indicate their nylon fibre density. The higher the number, the higher the density and thus the tougher the bag.

Closure Type

Closure type on a waterproof bag is invaluable when aiming to keep your gear dry. Generally speaking, there are two main types of closures: Hypalon roll tops and zipper seals. Hypalon roll tops are renowned for sealing out water more effectively than their counterpart, which often requires additional lubrication to keep the seal functioning as intended. As you search, look for fully taped seams for added protection against water.


Dry bags come in a vast array of sizes. While five-litre bags are designed to store small personal items like mobile phones and medications, 30-litre bags can hold everything from a small sleeping bag to a weeks worth of clothes. Other options, such as 10 and 20 litre bags, can offer a midway alternative for shorter weekend trips.


Its wise to consider some key features when searching for a waterproof boating bag. Carrying straps are beneficial when transporting gear, and these straps may be detachable for ultimate versatility. D-rings make it possible to affix your dry bag to your kayak, raft or boat so that your items do not float away in the event your vessel tips over.