Boating and Watersports Equipment

Safe and fun boating in any season requires many different kinds of boating and watersports equipment. From gathering the appropriate safety equipment to collecting the best navigational tools to anchor and docking equipment, there are many types of tools that can help create an enjoyable and safe experience, whether water skiing or renting a Sea-Doo for a day.

Safety Equipment

Australian law requires that boats carry specific types of safety equipment at all times. Local marinas on rivers, lakes, and the seaside, as well as other sources can help mariners understand the local laws for the equipment their boats should carry. In general, these amount to: personal flotation devices, life jackets, fire extinguishers, buoyant torches or lanterns, boating and watersports oars or paddles, an anchor with an appropriate cable, and appropriate registration.

Navigation Equipment

Navigational equipment helps boaters and water sports enthusiasts not only chart their course, but do so while providing important details like water depth, fish presence, and water temperature. Digital marine map arrays, course savers, and other digital or traditional navigational instruments help boaters optimise their time on the water for the best experience.

Anchoring Equipment

Anchoring and docking are activities boaters generally engage in every time they head out to water, and there are many pieces of equipment which make this endeavor easier and safer for mariners. Common anchor equipment includes front and rear anchors, and occasionally, anchor winches. Anchor types and sizes should be tailored to the vessel size and marine environment, so as not to catch or hook on water-bottom detritus. Docking equipment can include padding along the sides of the boat, tie-down ropes and other gear, and gangway planks.

Picking the Best Boating and Water Sports Equipment

Often, the best boating and watersports equipment is tailored specifically for the marine environment (freshwater vs saltwater) and the type of boat it is used on. Sailboats, for example, can benefit from different equipment than speedboats or fishing vessels, a fact which manufacturers take into account when creating specific products.