Fresh and fun bar soaps

Whatever your cleaning needs are, there are dozens of bar soaps on eBay for you to choose from. You might need guest soap in bulk for your hotel or bed and breakfast, or you might just be after a gentle soap for a skin problem or a specific scent like lavender or rose. Whatever bath and body products you require, the health and beauty soap market is bound to provide it.

Soap ranges

From basic ones in a straightforward, everyday bar to those in specific forms with skin healing properties, the choice is yours. Bamboo charcoal soap helps to purify the skin by soaking up the toxins in a sponge like fashion. This soap is also a natural way of removing blackheads that's a bit easier on the skin than popular chemical treatments. Some soaps also come in a sachet, it's important to look out for the bars that are easy to open with wet hands.

Similarly, African black soap has been specifically developed over a number of years from composites plantain peel, palm ash, tar and tamarind extract to treat certain skin conditions. So if you suffer from pervasive skin issues caused by psoriasis, eczema and oily skin then this is definitely the soap for you and can be used all over the body.

Buy in bulk

If you are looking to stock up for a bed and breakfast or hotel then products such as the pleat wrapped hand soaps are ideal for multiple bathrooms. You can also get guest soaps as part of a comprehensive pack with shampoo, conditioner and body wash to cover all bases.

There are also the top end soaps for more personal use, such as coconut bar soaps made with coconut milk and organic shea butter providing a smooth, rich soaping experience. For travelling you can choose handily sized, sliced soap so you never have to carry around a wet slab of soap in your washbag again.