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Got one to sell?

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Having trouble sleeping? Or just taking a while to get there? A body pillow can offer you extraordinary comfort and relief from tossing and turning and pressure point discomfort, all of which means a more restful night’s sleep.

If you suffer from lower back pain, a body pillow is a great idea. Doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists often recommend patients improve alignment of the hips and reduce pressure points on the knees by sleeping with a pillow between their legs.

This makes body pillows a prefect solution because, like hugging a huge soft toy, they cradle you to sleep and also help you stay asleep by allowing your legs and arms to rest in proper alignment. Sleeping with a body pillow running the length of your body provides relief on knee and elbow joints when you drape one leg and arm across the pillow, rather than having your top leg and arm fall over the other causing your spine to twist.

Maternity pillows

You might expect to lose sleep after the baby is born, but the affects of that tiny person moving around in your stomach can interrupt your sleep for months before birth? Expectant mothers need to support their abdomens and relieve abdominal muscle, pelvis and lower back tension. This is where pregnancy pillows come in. They also offer back support sitting on the sofa or bed and after the baby is born they make an excellent feeding support. Combined with the right breastfeeding supplies from eBay, these maternity pillows can give you a much more comfortable child raising experience.

Boyfriend pillows

Maybe you have lower back issues, or just have issues sleeping alone. Boyfriend pillows can be just as fun as they are practical. Snuggle up for a peaceful sleep with extra washable custom covers and a choice of pillows in various sizes, shapes and fills.

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