Body Piercing Jewellery

Body Piercing Jewellery

Body piercing is a popular form of body art practised all around the world. Some people get it done for cultural reasons, some because they simply think it looks good. Popular culture influences a lot of peoples decision to opt for one or more body piercings, especially in emulation of celebrities. Just as tattoos can be commemorative, so too can body piercings. Hence, some people get body piercings to mark an occasion.

Most Common Places on the Body to Pierce

The most popular places on the body to pierce are the ears, nose, belly button, nipples, tongue and eye brows. The ears can accommodate 13 different types of piercings - earlobe, helix, tragus and daith - just to name a few. The two most popular places to pierce the nose are the nostril and septum. Belly button piercings for women have become a lot more popular since the early 1990s, as many women think it accentuates their curves. Nipple piercings are also on the rise, as well as tongue and eyebrow piercings.

Different Types of Body Jewellery

There are many different types of body piercing jewellery on the market. When it comes to ear piercings, there are hundreds of different styles of earrings, as well as plugs and tunnels (which stretch the earlobe). You can find spiral cartilage earrings which are good for multiple helix piercings, captive rings and stud earrings. The most common styles of septum ring for the nose are the circular barbell, captive ring and septum pincher, and the most popular style of nostril piercing jewellery are nose bones, nostril screws, seamless rings and labret studs.

Barbell Jewellery

Both belly button and nipple piercings tend to lend themselves most naturally to barbells, whether straight barbells, bent barbells or circular barbells. You can only wear straight barbells in your tongue; however, for eyebrow piercings micro bent barbells, circular barbells and captive rings are the most common jewellery choices.

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