Bolster Yoga Props

Yoga Bolsters Help You Master The Asanas

If you love yoga but struggle to reach and maintain particular moves, a yoga bolster could help you become a yoga master. A bolster is a long, strong, thin cushion or pillow that is placed beneath the body, and they’re a common sight in yoga classes – helping you to relax your mind and body.

If you’re looking online for a yoga bolster, eBay has plenty of styles to choose from – with quality brands or unbranded styles, various colour designs and shapes, and different materials and fillings.

What does a yoga bolster do?

A yoga bolster increases your levels of stretching, supports your stance and provides comfort when you’re doing those tough yoga poses. They weren’t readily used until the 1960s – and then they were introduced because people were finding it hard to get the right level of flexibility and comfort for poses such as child’s pose and legs up the wall. Introducing these bolsters gave them extra support, elevating the hips or knees and assisting with back pain.

How to shop for a bolster

Choose the right size and shape. Some bolsters are smaller than others, so you want to check the measurements before you buy. They also come in different weights. Each of these features will impact the type of support you get from your bolster when you’re doing your workout. There are three fundamental shapes of yoga bolsters to choose from - cylindrical, rectangular, and lean.

The filling: there are a few different types of filling, depending on the manufacturer. Some styles come with recron, buckwheat, and a fibre-fill that’s made from 30% recycled polyester fibre. It could also be filled with cotton or down, or other materials. Check the descriptions.

You will find a range of different colours and patterns on eBay, along with a full range of other yoga and pilates accessories such as yoga blocks which will also help you achieve certain poses in your yoga practice.