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Keep Comfy All Day Long With Bonds Briefs for Men

Whether it’s night or day, you’re working or relaxing, you want ultimate comfort when it comes to taking care of your “boys”. That’s where Bonds comes in. A trusted brand, Bonds have been manufacturing men’s briefs for many years and offer a range of sizes, styles and colours to suit every man. If you’re shopping for Bonds briefs for men, you’re in the right place.

Whether you are tall or short, thick or thin, there’s a Bonds brief to suit.

Why choose Bonds?

Bonds was founded in 1915 in Sydney and has since grown to be one of the country's largest underwear companies. It is a staple brand in Australian households and the company operates sustainably, which also enhances their popularity. Bonds uses sustainable raw cotton in a way that has boosted water efficiency by 40% in the last 10 years.

The benefits

Men can make the most of the Bonds brand through their comfy briefs. These are available in a variety of styles, and from solid colours to prints and patterns. They are constructed from stretch cotton fabric with elastic waistlines and designed for all day wear.

The most crucial benefit of Bonds briefs is that they provide comfort to men when they move. You want your manhood to be comfortable when you move around, so you want to find underwear with support. With Bonds briefs, you can run or jog, cycle or sit all day long in complete comfort. Bonds briefs are ideal for men of all sizes, with the ideal body fit so you don't face any restrictions in movement.

The cotton used by Bonds has other benefits as well. It’s a natural fibre derived from the cotton plant, which makes it hypoallergenic – so it minimises irritation for men who have sensitive skin. Additionally, its lightweight nature allows for cool, breathable fits that keep everything fresh throughout the day or night.

Shopping online for Bonds briefs

There are four main styles of Bonds briefs you’ll find online.

  1. The Bonds Guyfront brief is a traditional style that has a soft elastic waistband, no side seams, and a functioning fly made of comfortable cotton stretch.
  2. Original Bonds briefs:
  • Are soft, breathable cotton for all-day comfort
  • Have flat seams for a more comfortable fit
  • Have no side seams for added comfort
  1. The Classic Fit brief is the softest of all the briefs and is designed for the busy, modern man who wants his underwear to fit and feel nice at the same time.
  • Made from comfortable, long-lasting Australian stretch cotton
  • Double-front moulded pouch
  • Elastic waistband is ultra-soft
  1. Support Briefs are the ideal men's underwear for the man who needs extra support. They are made from cotton and have a pouch that provides extra support where you need it for added comfort.

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