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Book Week Costume

Book Week Costumes

So you’re looking for a costume for a particular character to dress as for Book Week this year, or something to get inspired? Theme for the previous few years have included Australia as a story country, and escaping to anywhere. With a little lateral thinking, there’s a costume to dress up as a book character capable of many things and to use again on other occasions. As any thespian will tell you, when you step into a costume you get into character.

What is Book Week?

Book Week is the fantastic Aussie initiative held every year to take time to celebrate and encourage the joys of reading, and especially works by Australian writers and illustrators. In schools and public libraries around the country, kids of all age groups are encouraged to use their imagination, step away from their devices, and dress up in full costume regalia as their favourite book character. It’s been a fun learning experience during August for many Australian kids growing up since 1945.

Classic Costumes for Book Week

For a classic costume to wear for book week, for boys or girls, pick their favourite fairy tale or fable, a character who they delight in hearing stories about and you’ll have a winner. There’s Alice in Wonderland costumes for kids who like to meet people and have adventures, or The Cat in the Hat for rhyming fans. Maybe Winnie the Pooh, along with a pot of honey, for those who are brave at heart, or Dorothy, the Tinman, or the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Peter Pan or Tinkerbell for those who like to do good with some fairy dust.

Contemporary Costumes for Book Week

More recent children’s literature also has many characters that kids can have fun being. For Harry Potter fans, dress as Harry, Hermione or Ron and search for some magical cups. Chocolate lovers will take no convincing to step into the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a kids costume. For social butterflies and kids with lots to do, dress them as Wombat and give them a diary to plan their day and those around them. Last, but by no means least, consider perhaps a little Possum travelling and navigating Australia safely for some magic food.

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