Store your books in style with bookcases

Add some extra storage to your home by selecting a new bookcase from this great range of options. Whether you're looking for a rustic wooden bookcase for your prized collection of hardback novels, or a modern metal bookcase to use as a design feature in your home, this range is sure to have you covered. 

The perfect sized shelves

When looking for a new bookcase, you'll have to think of what would fit in your space. If you have plenty of room, you could try large bookcases with plenty of room for a small library. You could even have a look for corner shelving units to really display your book collection in style. 

For smaller homes, there are plenty of creative ways to maximise your shelving space. You could look out for bookshelves that are designed to fit under the stairs to make use of an awkward area. There are also plenty of tall and thin IKEA bookcases on offer that can easily slot into small spaces. 


There is a huge selection of bookcase materials available, from woods to metals. If you love the look of a traditional wooden bookcase, there are plenty of finishes to choose from. Go for a light wood like birch or pine to brighten up your space, or look out for a teak, mahogany or walnut bookcase for a darker style. 

Bookcases are also available in metal, with lots of different styles on offer. If you're a fan of the industrial look, check out the range of metal bookcases in this style. You might even come across a bookcase made from repurposed materials for a really cool addition to your space. 

Or, if you like your decor to be a little more refined, look out for ornate bookshelves made from wrought metal for a really decorative addition to your space. There are even shiny gold and glass options available if you're after something really opulent.