Enhance Your Home Library with a Stylish Bookend

A selection of books can give a room a look of individuality and enhance its look as much as any piece of furniture. An attractive and practical bookend presents an easy solution turning any shelf space or flat surface into a new home for your cherished book collection. eBay offers a range of bookends made from a broad selection of materials and in a vast array of styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

What materials are bookends available in?

Bookends tend to come in heavier materials or be constructed with a weighty base to ensure that books are firmly anchored in place. Wood, stone, and metal are all single-cast options, while plastic designs tend to be set in heavier frames for security and firm placement. There are also wire-framed bookends available for more discreet fitting. These are often elongated S-shapes with a bracket that fits under/over the shelf.

What bookend styles are available?

Bookend styles are as varied as your imagination. Some are designed to appeal especially to children in animal shapes with simple construction, while others are more adult in their appeal, made from driftwood or cast iron to offer a more grown-up accent to a shelf or ledge. Whatever style you choose, it is easy to add a touch of individuality to your room's aesthetic.

Individualise your book collection with a bookend

Whether you're looking for something sturdy and practical for your office or something entertaining for the kids, bookends offer a range of decorative options to bolster a decorative theme. Choose a bookend in the shape of an animal, or maybe something with a hint of sci-fi, like a spaceship. There will always be a bookend suitable for adding a unique mark to your book collection.

Simple and practical storage solutions

A bookend is a neat solution to tidying up your book collection without spending a lot of money. In a simple L-shape, or as a weighted-base figurine, a bookend can turn any flat surface into a book depository. To prop up your cookbooks, neaten your reference materials, or simply keep your collection of crime reading in one place, a well-chosen bookend can enhance a room's decorative theme and help to keep your reading materials in great condition. Options include:

  • For children: Bookends in the form of animals, fluffy clouds, or vehicles will enhance your child's book collection and keep it tidy.
  • Antique style: Bookends in aged wood or patinated metal will enhance a leather-bound collection and add an air of quality.
  • Personalised construction: A letter that matches the first name of the recipient can be an excellent gift.
  • Genre-specific: For horror, fantasy, or romance fans, a bookend that matches your reading preferences is a great addition to a shelf.