Modern or Traditional

Want somewhere to put all those books? The obvious answer would have to be a bookshelf. But while bookshelves are a pretty traditional choice for housing books, they don’t have to be traditional in look. Bookshelves come in a variety of designs, made from a huge selection of materials. They can be cutting edge and contemporary or they can be rustic and well-worn. As with any design feature or piece of furniture, it all comes down to choosing the right piece for the room, from the thousands of options on offer.   If the design of the room happens to be modern, then choosing a modern style bookshelf would usually be the way to go. This could mean choosing materials that perhaps look more modern, such as metal or glass. Or it could mean using cleaner colours, such as white or bold, bright accent colours. As for more traditional designs, a more traditional style bookshelf would usually fit better. This could mean looking at bookshelves that are made of warm materials such as wood, and utilising darker colours that play well within the room. Whether it’s a modern design or a more traditional style, there are bookshelves to suit those styles – and everything in between.

Freestanding or Floating

Another way to create a feature out of a bookshelf is to try out design options such as freestanding and floating designs. Floating bookshelves are attached to the wall without the aid of brackets – while still remaining just as secure – to give the illusion that they are floating. Freestanding bookshelves can be placed anywhere in the room, not just against a wall, allowing them to be viewed from all angles. This can be the perfect option for rooms that need to be divided up into separate spaces, creating something that acts as a ‘wall’ but is still completely functional to store books and other objects.   Got some neat ideas? It’s time to start shopping. Check out what’s on offer in the world of bookshelves by starting the search on eBay. Home to a fantastic range of home and garden furniture, eBay is the perfect place to find a wide range of bookshelves from big names such as Benzara and Cooper. Search by colour, to find bookshelves in black and white, blue and grey, or search by material to discover options in pine or particle board, steel or plastic.