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Boomerang Pillows

Known for being extremely comfortable, a boomerang pillow can help with aches, pains and sleep in general. The more comfortable you feel, the better you’ll sleep overall. A boomerang pillow is a type of body pillow that conforms to your body as you sleep, but with its special shape, you can also use it as a regular head pillow, morphing it and shaping it for its desired effect. There are several different types of boomerang pillows to choose from to help foster a restful night’s sleep.

Down Pillows

Typically, down pillows are a type of regular bed pillow that’s filled with down feathers instead of foam or memory foam. For some, this type of pillow is their desired choice, as they find it the most comfortable. Because the feathers move within the pillow, you can often find a comfortable spot to sleep. There are several different boomerang pillows with down filling, so you can enjoy the same pillow, but with a special shape that adheres better to your body.

Foam or Memory Pillows

Foam or memory pillows often fill standard rectangle bed pillows, but there are also quite a few choices when it comes to boomerang pillows as well. These may have a cotton fill, foam or have memory foam. Cotton is perhaps the most pliable of the materials, while foam and memory foam have more spring. However, memory foam is supposed to “remember” your favourite spot so that you’re always comfortable.

For Travel

Once you find you’re used to the extreme comfort of the boomerang pillow, you may find that you’d like one for travel. There are several different small, travel-size boomerang pillows available. Not only are these great for travelling and staying in a hotel or space, but they’re also wonderful for plane and train rides and long car trips.

Colours and Cases

Boomerang pillows can be decorative as well. Because of their odd shape, it may be tough to find the best pillow cases and covers for them. For this reason, many of them come with their own covers, with designs or colours for you to enjoy. Shop styles such as ruffles or puckered or choose a colour that complements your current bedroom set and its decor.

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