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Boori Sleigh Baby Cots & Cribs

Sleep Tight 

As any new parent knows, sleep is a privilege, not a right. While some babies will sleep through the night without much trouble at all, some will continue to wake up through the night for months and months. While sleeping patterns are rarely dependent on the cot in which a baby sleeps, it’s still a good idea to pick a good one. So, how should new parents go about finding the right cot? Well, for starters, the cot needs to be safe. It needs to meet current recommended safety regulations to ensure baby is safe and secure during naptime and bedtime.

After safety has been taken into consideration, it’s time to think about looks. Most new parents put plenty of thought into what their new nursery will look like. Should it be pink or blue to reflect the gender of the baby? Or should it be completely gender neutral, in tones of green, yellow or purple? When it comes to choosing nursery furniture, this can be an equally challenging task. Is it best to go for a modern look with a contemporary cot? Or would traditional wooden furniture be more welcoming? Well, for those who prefer a more traditional look, the wooden sleigh crib could be the ideal option.

Buying Boori Sleigh Cots and Cribs

Boori offers a beautiful range of well-designed, elegant baby furniture, with a gorgeous selection of sleigh cribs, cots, dressers, wardrobes, bassinettes and changing tables. In terms of sleigh cribs, these attractive cots are incredibly pretty to look at, giving baby a safe, comfortable place to sleep. Interested in buying a Boori sleigh crib? eBay is most definitely the place to be. Featuring a great range of baby furniture, eBay has everything from bassinettes and changing tables, to baby swings and baby rockers and bouncers. Looking for the best brands? eBay has that covered!