Find fresh, fun furnishings for your kids’ room with Boori furniture from eBay 

As a new mum or dad, you want to create a beautiful, comfortable environment in which your baby boy or girl can grow. Boori prides itself on helping bring a touch of nature to your nurture, with some of the best baby furniture online. eBay has Boori cots and cribs, changing tables, bassinets, wardrobes and more, bringing it all to you in just a few clicks.   

Wood you, could you? 

Boori is a proud Australian company that sources its wood responsibly. By travelling the globe to find durable, beautiful materials from which to create fantastic furniture for you and your family, Boori is able to combine different grains for a variety of pieces. With a dedication to minimising knots for a better look and finding tough timber that can stand up to the wear and tear of a newborn’s wiggling, giggling lifestyle, you’ll have something that looks great and stands tall in the face of your child’s formative months.   

Taking care of the essentials 

When it’s time to move the baby from the bassinet to be a bigger bed, Boori has several types of cribs and cots that both look great and provide sound sleeping space for the little ones. With large, striking sleigh style cribs, standard options as well as convertible baby beds, you’ll be able to choose from some of the best baby cots and cribs around.   

eBay also has dozens of Boori changing tables featuring different designs and storage options, so you’ll have a safe spot in which to make the change when the time comes. With drawers and shelves within arm’s reach, you can keep one guiding hand on your little one while easily grabbing baby nappies, wipes and the other instruments required to clean up the mess in front of you.   

Baby furniture doesn’t have to be a bore with Boori on your side. Buy new baby furniture online from this awesome Australian company and be the best nester you can be.