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Bosch Home Alarm Systems

Bosch Home and Personal Security Alarms

Bosch home security products provide homeowners and individuals with peace of mind and security. Bosch alarms are designed to emit a deafening sound when unauthorised activity is detected, alerting others who may be nearby. With smart features such as phone notifications, Bosch alarms enable you to contact the authorities or request a friend or neighbour to check your house. Select from Bosch wired home personal security alarms or Bosch wireless home personal security alarms according to your security needs and preferences.

Take Control

Many Bosch home security products feature app connectivity, enabling you to take control of your alarm and view any data that has been uploaded. You can view the sequence of events that lead to the alarm being triggered, allowing you to piece together what might be occurring within the specified zone. The application is compatible with smartphones and tablets and gives you full control over your home security system, no matter where you may be.

Multiple Zones

Each Bosch home security product will have a specified number of zones that it can cover. Zones are an important consideration, because they help home and business owners to cover all areas of their property and pinpoint areas for investigation. Systems normally start at around 8 zones, but some systems feature 16 or 32. You can expand this over time as your needs change.

Smart Cards

Bosch smart cards and readers make it quick and easy to disarm your home and personal security alarm. You can also purchase a handy key fob and carry it around on your keyring. Smart cards and key fobs are a great alternative to pin codes, saving you time and making it easier to secure your house on your way out the door.

Pet Friendly Sensors

Bosch produce pet friendly sensors for households with pets. These sensors prevent unnecessary activation of your alarm system when the movement of household pets is detected. These systems can also be configured to no-pet mode, so they are a smart option if you are considering adding a pet to your household in future.