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Bosch Home Security

Bosch Home and Personal Security

Bosch is an established German brand that provides a range of home and personal security options to consumers. Maintaining a secure premises and reducing the risk of theft is a key goal of many home owners, and with Bosc personal security alarms, Bosch home security sensors and motion detectors and Bosch CCTV security cameras, you can cover every area of your home and rest assured that your premises are safe and secure.

Professional Service

Bosch remains committed to customers’ needs, with professional Bosch security system engineers located all around the world. When you purchase from the Bosch range, you gain access to the business partner program with a team of planners, system integrators and installers to ensure that your security system operates just like it should. As an international brand, Bosch wants customers to be happy with their products and rest assured that they will receive professional service no matter where they may be.

Home and Personal Security Alarms

As a homeowner, security is paramount. An alarm is a deterrent to potential thieves, which will also alert you and your neighbours if any unauthorised activity has occurred on your premises. When the alarm is triggered, a loud siren will occur to alert people nearby. You can also set up phone alerts that will notify up to three different numbers. This gives you time to assess your options and contact friends or family to check on your premises. Alarm systems are easy to operate and come with reliable PIR motion detectors and false alarm protection for peace of mind.

Wired or Wireless Options

Bosch security equipment comes in both wired and wireless options. A wired alarm is connected to the control panel by cable, whereas a wireless system uses wireless technology and features long-lasting batteries which provide around 5 years of service life. The option you choose will depend on your usage case and personal preference.

Intuitive Control Panel

Bosch control panels and keypads allow you to easily program different zones and use multiple wireless devices at the same time. You can easily arm/disarm your Bosch home security products with the push of a button. There are many different series of control panels and keypads to choose from, each offering unique features such as IP based communication, extra programmable areas, mobile/tablet app viewing options, easy install and colour graphic displays.