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Bosch Impact Drivers

Impact drivers, combi-drills and drill drivers are designed to do many similar tasks. If you frequently find yourself using long screws and hardwood materials, an impact driver is the right choice. Most impact drivers surpass drill drivers and combi-drills in torque output and this is why you can often find them as part of the Bosch power tool kits.

Driving Power

The driving power of any impact driver comes from the motor. You can find Bosch impact drivers with two different types of motors, brushed and brushless. Brushed-motor models are more affordable and will tackle every standard task without a fault. However, brushless motors are more durable and usually more powerful as well. They also cost more, so choosing between brushed and brushless comes down to frequency of use. Those who use an impact driver often, should invest a bit more and get the brushless impact driver.

Corded vs. Cordless

Another big difference between impact drivers is their power source. A Bosch 18V impact driver can be both corded and cordless. Don't confuse the input voltage of the motor with grid voltage. Corded Bosch power tools work with an adapter, so voltage is stepped down before delivered to the tool. Choose between battery and corded based on portability and access to electricity on-site. Keep in mind that duration of use is also very important, as cordless models might need spare batteries for uninterrupted use.

Battery Capacity

Those who favour Bosch battery impact drivers need to be mindful of battery capacity. The battery capacity not only allows you to use the tool longer, but also to postpone recharge cycles. Every battery has a finite number or recharges it can take, so larger capacity batteries tend to last longer.

Drilling Accessories

While Bosch impact drivers are designed solely for driving screws in and out of tough materials, with the right accessories they can be used to do some light drilling as well. These machines have more than enough torque for the task, which might make the holes you create a bit messy. Still, there are hex chuck drill bits that can be added specifically for this purpose. If you don't own a regular drill, the impact driver is the next best thing you can use.

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