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Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools

For many DIY enthusiasts power tools make all the difference between daydreaming about doing something and taking action. Bosch power tools are more than just simple labour-saving devices; they are gateways to creativity. From drills to grinders they make projects possible that you just couldnt do in your spare time if you were limited to hand tools.

Bosch Cordless Tools

Nothing gives you work flexibility like cordless tools. You can work where you want without worrying about having to find the nearest power point. The 18 V Power for All system uses a common battery and charger for multiple tools. You buy the batteries you need for the work youll be doing, then just buy additional bare tools to expand your abilities. Theres also a 12 V system for more casual hobbyists.


Bosch power drills are among the companys most popular tools. Most are cordless, taking advantage of the increased power available in todays bigger batteries. There are two basic kinds of drill: the standard rotary models and hammer drills. Rotary drills can double as drivers, while the heavier hammer drills add impact, so they can power through masonry more easily.


When you need to remove a lot of metal quickly, Bosch power grinders are your go-to tools. Drawing power directly from the mains, these high speed angle grinders are the first choice for clearing away anything from rust to rough edges. Depending on your needs, you can choose different wheels for everything from sanding to clearing metal. Just swap one out for the other and youre ready to go.

Other Tools

Bosch makes far more than just drills and grinders. The company also makes everything from circular saws to sanders. Whether you prefer corded or cordless tools, Bosch makes something to meet all your needs. You can find routers, planers, and rotary hammers in a range of sizes and capacities.