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Upping the Sound in Your Ride with Bose Car Speakers

Like many people, you probably spend a lot of time in your commuting to work or school. Listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts is a great way to pass the time while you are driving. Whether your car came with Bose door speakers or more generic factory speakers, if you need to replace or upgrade them, Bose has a variety of options.

What are different types of Bose car speakers?

There are two main types of Bose car speakers available. They are:

  • Component speakers: These speakers produce better sound and they are more customizable. You can position the speakers individually which will create a better soundscape in your car. With component speakers, you can also adjust sound frequencies, such as tweeters and woofers. Bose has a large line of upgrades.
  • Coaxial speakers: If budget or ease of use is more of a concern, coaxial speakers are the way to go. Instead of customizing each speaker, you buy one that fits your budget and general sound quality specifications. Bose makes coaxial speakers that easily replace your factory ones.
What you need to know about Bose tweeters and woofers

If you are looking to buy customizable Bose speakers for cars, it's important to understand how the sound is affected by tweeters and woofers. The human ear processes sound in Mh and is limited in the spectrum from about 20 to 20,000. The higher end is where high-pitched sounds come from. Lower Mh sounds are deeper and contain more bass. Bose offers woofers and tweeters that covers this whole range of Mh, so you can get the exact sound you want.

  • Tweeters: These cover the higher end sounds. If you want to balance the higher frequency sounds that your Bose 6x9 car speakers emit, look for tweeters to fill in that area of your soundscape. Their most common tweeter that Bose makes is the 400W .5-inch.
  • Woofers: The sound in the lower end range, from about 40 to 1000, is covered by woofers. These help control the amount of bass you hear in your Bose 6.5-inch car speakers. Subwoofers are made for the extreme end of the sound spectrum and are one of Bose's most commonly purchased speaker types.
Using Bose components to upgrade your sound.

If you feel like the sound coming from your Bose car door speakers is too tinny or the bass is too muffled, you can shop for new Bose car speakers for sale on eBay to upgrade your component speakers. You need to know what Mh you're trying to improve. The common speaker sizes in the Bose line are 6.5, 8, and 10-inch. The 300W series is both affordable and positively reviewed. If you need to improve the bass with a woofer or want professional-level subwoofers, Bose car speakers are an excellent, high-quality option.