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Bose Computer Speakers

Bose have a range of exceptional computer speakers on the market. People trust Bose as a brand because they have been the leading specialists in audio equipment since 1964. They focus on all things _x001A_sound', selling products like state-of-the-art Bose subwoofer speakers and high quality Bose headphones. Bose is a company built on both scientific research and human interests. In 1966 Bose created their first loudspeaker and in 1968 they changed the way people listened to music with the 901 speaker. In 1988, they provided the sound for the winter Olympics in Canada and in 1993 they reinvented the sound of the airwaves with their Wave radio.

A Fuller History of Bose

The first Bose store opened in Maine, USA, and in 1997, they debuted their Bose ND woofer which was first installed in Chevrolet Corvettes. In 1998, Bose was voted best headset manufacturer for aeroplane pilots, and in the same year, they opened their store in New Delhi, India. In 2004, Bose launched a top-secret project: automotive suspension technology that employed electromagnetic actuators instead of springs or hydraulics. Subsequently, following the rise of the iPod, Bose launched their SoundDock digital music system that year too. In 2010, they released their best ever aviation headset and, that same year, launched their VideoWave entertainment system for television.

Types of Bose Computer Speakers

The Bose computer speakers that belong to the Companion 20 multimedia system comprise a two-piece computer speaker combination which produces good natural sound. The speakers are sleek, designed to take up minimal space and use TrueSpace technology. There is a control pod for volume, a headphone jack and an auxiliary input. The Companion 2 Series lll multimedia speaker system is ideal for people who play a lot of music, games and videos on their computer. It is Bose's most affordable speaker system and is rated as giving high quality audio output.