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Buying Speakers

It's not just audiophiles who want great sound from their home audio system. Storing music digitally allows the quality of sound to be so much better than it once was - although there is a lot to be said for that lovely crackle of vinyl - so it makes sense that the speakers playing that music should be similarly high in quality. But where to start? Buying expensive audio equipment is not the answer. And yes, audio equipment can get very expensive indeed.

As with most big purchases, it's a good idea to think about what the speakers will be used for before buying them. For those who want access to good quality sound without paying too much, a pair of speakers can work well for this job, while also allowing for decent audio when watching television and movies as well. For anyone who is more of a passive listener, who doesn't want to pay big bucks for a new sound system, a pair of good quality bookshelf speakers could easily do the job. When a bit more bass is needed, a small subwoofer can add that low-end sound.

On the other hand, for those active listeners who want seriously good audio, a more sophisticated system may be required, so, try looking into floor-standing, tower speakers for a fuller sound. Or, for an immersive experience while watching television, invest in a soundbar and subwoofer, or a full surround sound system for that full knock-your-socks-off effect. Before buying, think about the space available, and whether a wired or wireless set-up would work best.

Bose Speakers and Subwoofers

Buyers looking for high quality sound often turn to Bose when upgrading their audio system. Bose speakers come in a range of style and sizes, from bookshelf and portable speakers, to in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and floor-standing, tower speakers. Check out eBay for a huge selection of Bose speakers and subwoofers , to compare prices, styles and options. What about that MP3 player? Yep, eBay features Bose MP3 player headphones and earbuds too.