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Bose MP3 Player Audio Docks and Mini Speakers

Bose MP3 Player Audio Docks and Mini Speakers

Bose has a well deserved reputation for superb audio quality; the Bose speakers for use with MP3 players and smart devices are one of the most popular products in their range. These systems enable you to play your favourite songs by docking your MP3 player or streaming via Bluetooth. They are particularly useful for those who will be hosting parties or are looking for the best audio experience as they provide high quality sound that will fill the room and they are very easy to operate. Bose Australia is constantly innovating and striving towards perfection with their products, so they are a great choice if you are in need of a portable speaker. There is a range of different bose wireless speakers available and they range in size, features and prices to suit all budgets.

Mini vs Full Size Speakers

Many people prefer the Bose mini speakers due to their space saving design. The Soundlink Mini is one of the most iconic designs and it offers excellent audio in a highly portable package. It has a charge dock which you can charge your device from and it is made from aluminium for exceptional durability. The mini speakers are the best option for frequent travellers as they are very easy to transport. Unlike traditional large Bose speakers and subwoofers designed for home theatre systems and permanent setups, the SoundLink Mini II is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it only weighs around 0.67 kilograms. For those that want to go as small as possible, the Bose Soundlink Micro is the smallest in the range and it offers rugged durability and waterproofing. It can even be tethered to a backpack so that you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst mountain biking or hiking.

Soundlink Revolve

The bose Soundlink Revolve is designed for those that want a 360 degree audio experience. It is available in mini and full size, and it features a cylindrical design. They are suited to small to medium sized rooms where everyone will receive the same listening experience thanks to the innovative cylindrical design, which bounces music off the walls and provides an immersive audio experience. Both the Revolve Mini and Revolve Plus are an excellent choice and highly portable but the latter provides a slightly louder listening experience and will last longer on a single charge (approx 12-16 hours). It is also water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use.


The Bose range of speakers have bluetooth built in. This technology enables wireless audio streaming from your devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptop computers. Most Bose speakers have a range of approximately 9 metres, which means you can store your device safely and still enjoy reliable audio playback through the speaker.