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Bose TV Audio Cables and Adapters

Bose TV and audio cables and adapters

With so many electronics in our lives these days, we rely on an abundance of cables to keep us connected. The dizzying array of cables available means it’s possible to have a tangle of unidentifiable cables for “just in case” situations - and still somehow never have the actual cable we need.

Luckily, eBay is here to help, hosting a huge inventory of thousands of audio and visual cables, connectors, extensions and adapters. With worldwide sources and competitive sellers, you’re sure to find the exact cord you’re looking for, at a great price.

Make a connection with the right Bose cable

Picked up a bargain on one of the quality Bose products on eBay, and need to make a connection? You’ll find thousands of different TV and audio cables on eBay, so let’s take a quick look at some of the most common cables you’ll need to connect your TV and sound system.

Aux Cables

A 3.5 mm auxiliary analogue input is the standard “aux cable” that connects aux ports to headphones and external speakers. This is an essential cord to have around for connecting mobile phones to stereos, in-car music players and more.

HDMI Cables

HDMI cords transmit high-definition (HD) video and audio together, bundled through a single cable. HDMI cables are used to interconnect electronics like video game consoles, digital TVs, multimedia storage devices, projectors, laptops, DVD players and digital TVs.

Digital Optical Audio Cable

These useful cables connect your TV to your A/V receiver. Fantastic for surround sound, digital optical audio cords and ports are an upgrade on the older technology that relied on connecting two or more separate wires.

RCA Cables

You might recognise RCA cords as the classic three-jack split cables with a red, white and yellow jack. It transmits picture and L/R audio from your DVD player, projector or other device. RCA cords are also useful for connecting external speakers to TVs and other video players. Search on eBay today.