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Essential Shopping Information About Vintage Bose Speakers

Bose is a recognizable name in the audio industry, as the company has been designing and manufacturing speakers since 1964. Some old Bose speakers are considered vintage, and if you're a collector or simply an audiophile, you might be seeking some for your studio or home stereo system. Browse eBay to find an affordable Bose vintage speaker model that will suit your specific audio situation.

Some available Bose models

Bose makes a variety of speakers that each have their own design. Before you purchase a speaker or set of them, be sure that the model you choose fits the room you want to use it in. These new and preowned models are available on eBay:

  • 501 Series IV - 501 Series model Direct/Reflecting speakers are medium-sized floor-standing units. They have a wood cabinet and cloth grille. You may find some old Bose bookshelf speakers in the 501 series as well.
  • 901 Series - These are some of the oldest Bose speakers ever made. They have a built-in OEM equalizer and are wider than they are tall. They can also be stacked to save room.
  • Bose 301 Series II - These Bose 301 Series speakers are designed with a tricolor aesthetic on the cabinet. The insides of Bose 301 speakers for sale feature a three-way speaker design.
  • Bose 701 Series III - These speakers are floor-standing models made in the 1980s. They have a black plastic finish.
  • Bose 6.2 Stereo Everywhere - These speakers are designed with technology that gives you a surround-sound feel in a one-speaker format.
How does Direct/Reflecting technology affect the sound of Bose speakers?

Many vintage speakers have Bose Direct/Reflecting technology to help spread the sound around the room and fill it up evenly. This technology found in vintage Bose speakers uses sound emitted directly from the speaker's cone on a line array, with reflective technology to accomplish this sound. Reflective technology works through a speaker set in the back, off the cabinet. This speaker is used to broadcast sound against the wall where it will then bounce around the room. When using this technology, the speaker must be set at least six inches from the wall to get the desired effect.

Are wood finishes available in Bose speakers?

Yes. On top of quality sound, Bose speakers boast quality craftsmanship, including the wood finishing on each cabinet. This finishing was especially common in older Bose speakers, specifically 1970 Bose speakers. In later years, Bose finished its cabinets using metal or plastic to match the style of the decade in which they were marketed. The following are some of the wood finishes you can find when shopping for old Bose speakers for sale on eBay.

  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Rosewood