Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers for your bevvies

Theres no need to guzzle the entire contents of your bottle, when you have a stylish bottle stopper to keep your favourite tipple fresh. On eBay, theres a great selection of reusable and vacuum sealed bottle stoppers that are perfect for home use or gifting.

Keep the bubbles in your fizz

Vacuum sealed bottle stoppers keep the contents fresh and maintain the bubbles in champagne and fizzy drinks. The bottle stopper fits snuggly into the neck of your bottle and secures tightly over the top. The quick release clip is easy to remove when you want to top up your drinks.

Pump action bottle stoppers are perfect for effervescent drinks like champagne and sparkling wine. The cylindrical stainless steel stopper features a pressure cork and a date dial so that you can check how long your favourite tipple has been stored.

Quirky sealers

Novelty bottle stoppers add a touch of fun and humour to any occasion. The quirky silicone ‘happy little man design features body parts that act like a plug in the bottle top. A combo stopper/opener and corkscrew is a great, practical and functional home bar accessory.

Keep your bottles contents safe and secure with an efficient kid proof combination lock. The three-digit combination ensures that no one else can take a cheeky swig of your liquor.

If youre an experimental home brewer, you can seal your bottles of wine and beer with traditional rustic tapered cork bungs. Reusable bottle cap covers, made from brightly coloured food grade silicone, are ideal for reserving your beer or soft drink, and identifying your beverage.

Stylish gift ideas

Stylish bottle openers make excellent gifts for wine buffs and connoisseurs. The elegant mirror polished stainless steel bottle openers have a conical shape that features a silicone rubber gripper and decorative handle. To keep wine at its best, simply slide the pointy tip into the bottles neck and twist to seal. A presentation box is supplied.