Bottom Brackets for Bicycle

Bottom Brackets for Bicycles

The bottom bracket is an essential part of any bike build. While its job isn’t complicated, brackets are available in a range of different designs. 

What Does the Bottom Bracket Do?

The bottom bracket connects the crankset to the frame of the bicycle. Bottom bracket design is a balancing act: it has to hold the crankset securely while also allowing it to rotate freely. Replacing your bottom bracket can take a bit of time but it is simple enough to be done at home as long as you have the right bicycle bottom bracket tool and cycling equipment. 

What Types of Bike Bottom Bracket Can I Choose From?

Bicycle bottom brackets come in a few different types. Threaded bottom brackets screw into the bicycle frame and are quite easy to install yourself, while press-in brackets are lighter but harder to install. Both threaded and press-in brackets come in different standards, so make sure that the bracket you choose will be compatible with your frame and your crankset. However, you can find adapters for a lot of bracket standards, so you can often still use your existing bicycle crankset even if you switch to a different bracket type.