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Paris is Calling - Bourjois

Bonjour! Paris is calling you! Parisian Chic is almost at your fingertips!

With Bourjois, make-up products are no longer a tool used to hide any flaws, but rather for showcasing women's personality to bring out their true beauty.

As a Parisian cosmetics brand inspired by the "je ne sais quoi" which is what makes Parisiennes so beautifully special, Bourjois loves the pure enjoyment of make-up, along with the empowerment of les femmes.

The perfect mixture of richly unique and innovative history with a proven fashion-forward outlook, Bourjois believes you should fun with make-up for a chic twist to your style. Because beauty should never be taken too seriously.

About Bourjois

Bourjois had a new outlook on beauty at a time when women demanded independence. Since 1863, Bourjois has been creating creatively clever beauty products and make-up that epitomises Parisian beauty.

Born on the great Parisian boulevards in the theatre district, the company was created by actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin who was preparing perfumes and make-up for actors at home. Then in 1868, Ponsin entrusted everything to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois who made it internationally known and the company blossomed.

Their first products were waxy sticks of colourful make-up that were created especially for the theatre, which had amusing names such as Lovesick or Jealous. Bourjois then developed their own baking process, combining delicately mixed amounts of water and powder in rounded moulds and then baking them in the oven. That was how the very first "Little Round Pot Blusher" was born into the fashion world, and then went on to become the now-iconic Bourjois symbol.

From 1950 they focused on further refining their make-up formulas, attracting a youthful clientele who fell in love with their latest innovations such as faithful red lipstick, Jolicils eye shadow, and waterproof mascara.

Bourjois has over one and a half centuries of beauty expertise, and to this day, they continue to design, invent, and create innovative and feminine beauty products. The looks they provide are unique, tasteful, and so easily achieved that you don't have to be a professional to look amazing.

The original Bourjois mission to enable all women to creatively express their inner style with their inner beauty still remains true today. Bourjois have their unique personality, and they simply adore when women celebrate their own personality too.

Bourjois Range

The Bourjois range of smart yet simple make-up with lightweight textures and vibrant colours has been designed so that each and every woman can enjoy the Parisian secret of effortless but chic beauty.

Get a flawless look for the perfect first impression with Bourjois selection of foundations, bronzers, powders, highlighters, and blushes which all complement your own complexion. Blush up your cheeks with their Little Round Pot Blush or use their Healthy Mix Foundation One for radiant and natural finishes for up to 16 hours.

Make your lips seem irresistible with the perfect rich colour, formula, finish, format, and effect for each and every mood. Try out their Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick and give your lips that desirable touch of colour.

Define your look with dazzling and alluring eyes thanks to the range of Bourjois pencils, liners, mascara, magical eyeshadows, and brow products.

Discover your new favourite Bourjois nail polish, eye make-up, lip gloss, foundation, and so much more on eBay today. Voilà! You have that Parisian look!