Bow Hair Accessories for Girls

Girls' Hair Bows

Many moms put bows in their daughters' hair and then graduate to fascinators for formal events. Girls soon catch on and learn the importance of embellishing the hair with colour and style. Depending on the outfit and colour combinations, some girls prefer barrettes, while others use hair grips and slides routinely. No matter the preference, you'll find girls' hair accessories for any occasion.

Hair Bows

Name any colour, whether red, black, green or multi-coloured, and you'll be able to find a matching hair bow. Choose one in a character family, such as an ever popular Minnie Mouse and Crown Princess design, or purchase a packet of rainbow-coloured bows. Moreover, hair bows made from hard wearing materials such as acrylic and polyester hold up to days when boys yank them out. Hair bow clips for girls available in various sizes are eye-catching pieces deserving of second glances.


To make a quick fashion statement, grab a girls' headband to sweep hair away from the face and eyes. This accessory is available in pretty lace motifs, turban wrap that includes a bow, as well as other designs in show-stopping colours. Most are made from machine-washable materials, such as 100 per cent cotton, polyester and cotton blends. Additionally, girls can choose from a preferred beach, tropical, garden or animal theme. You can buy the items in bulk so they are always available when one is accidentally misplaced.

Other Hair Accessories

When girls need a break from hair bows, another popular option is a scrunchie. This handy adornment keeps long hair in place when engaged in physical activities or reading a book. Equally pretty and useful are hair claws, feather extensions and fascinators. They draw attention to the hair by adding a pop of colour without overstating their purpose. Girls can tuck hair elastic ties, bow clips and most of these hair accessories inside a book bag or jeans pocket to place in the hair quickly.