Box Set Music CDs

Keep your favourite tunes at your fingertip with box set music CDs

An excellent gift for a loved one or a must have for the music collector, box set music CDs are a great addition to any CD library. Often released as special sets, CD box sets will usually feature additional album liner art, memorabilia, printed lyrics and photos of the artist, as well as limited release tracks and B-Side songs.

Fans of owning tangible CDs can enjoy the enhanced sound quality and rare tracks produced exclusively for the music boxed sets. These are often live recordings. Ready to add something to your audio line up? eBay is home to thousands of music box CD set that will bring some new sound to your collection.

A range of genres

Rock, soul, blues, jazz, metal and everything in between, you’ll find CD box sets from musical greats like Elvis, AC/DC, Roy Orbison and Queen or collections containing different bands within the same genre.

Nostalgic and practical

Music can be played throughout many devices, including DVD players, CD players, vehicles, laptops and gaming consoles. Additional accessories such as CD holders and towers can help you organise your CD collection.

Collectors’ editions

Diehard music fans can complete their music collections with international pressings and early recording tracks that can’t be found online. Limited and collector's edition CD box sets can include bonus video footage, posters or other band merchandise.

Relive your favourite music moments

Anniversary release box set editions allow you to listen to remastered albums with enhanced sound quality and remixed tracks. A great gift for fans from older generations, CD music box sets help bring music from years gone by into the present and make it possible to relive the good old days.

Check out eBay’s awesome collection of music box sets today and get your hands on tough-to-find tunes from some of your favourite artists.