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Men's Boxer Trunks

Men's boxer trunks are a feature in nearly every man's wardrobe. From designer brands through to high street names, you can find a pair or set of men's boxer trunks to suit your style.

Boxer trunks are a stylish and practical option for men's underwear and flattering to all body types. Out of all men's underwear sold, men's boxer trunks tends to be the most popular. They are comfortable to wear and don't rise up or cause discomfort and irritation.

Choose from a variety of brands from world renowned underwear designers Calvin Klein and Armani or high street brands such as Jockey and Animal . You can also find some great unbranded options as well which can provide you with a selection of men's boxer trunks in a variety of patterns at a lower price.

Men's boxer trunks tend to be fitted around the waist with a defined waistband and are like mini shorts that cover up to the top part of your thigh. They are available in both regular and tall versions for gentlemen who require a longer trunk.

From black, white, navy and red, men's boxer trunks come in a variety of colours. Opt for a more unusual colour such as silver, purple or orange for a bold and colourful look. You can also find men's boxer trunks in a variety of patterns too. From checks and polka dots to character and checked patterns, there are options for every sartorial taste.

Most men's boxer trunks come in a cotton or a cotton blend material to allow your skin to breathe, you can also find some styles of men's boxer trunks in other materials such as leather, synthetic, silk and silk blend.

Whether you are looking for an individual pair of men's boxer trunks to add to your collection or if you are looking to buy more than one, there is a range from single boxers to multipacks. These are generally from the same brand and are sets of two, three or four boxer trunks in the same material but may vary in colours and patterns. A multi pack or an underwear gift set makes an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other special occasions. Choose a multi pack from your favourite menswear designer for that extra special touch.

Men's boxer trunks are available in a variety of brands, styles, designs, colours, lengths and sizes and can generally be found in brand new condition.