Boxing Gloves

In MMA, you can use your entire body to fight the opponent, but in boxing, the gloves are the single point of contact with the opponent. Thus, selecting the perfect pair for your needs is crucial. Size is important, but purpose is equally so. Beginners do well with all-purpose gloves, but if you get more serious, you might want different gloves for every situation.


Mens boxing gloves are obviously bigger in size than womens boxing gloves, so you should bear the gender in mind while selecting your pair. Remember that the gloves must fit you with the hand wraps already on, as these add some extra dimensions to your hands. The sizes largely depend on your weight. Bigger gloves mean more padding and more protection, being the suitable option for punching heavy bags. These help your hands accustom themselves to the weight and box faster when you put on lighter competition gloves.

Sparring Gloves

Essentially, sparring gloves are training gloves with extra padding that stop you from hurting your opponent. They are for developing your technique and speed, not for knocking your training partner out. The sparring gloves resemble competition gloves with their balanced weight distribution. Sixteen ounce sparring gloves are the standard, regardless of the boxers weight.

Bag Gloves

The classic bag gloves do not offer much cushioning or wrist support, also weighing less than competition gloves. As these mainly hurt the hands and can cause injuries, most boxers no longer use them. However, the modern bag gloves provide more support, proper weight, and knuckle protection, making them a good training glove option for beginners.

Competition Boxing Gloves

The professional competition boxing gloves become important if you need to step into the ring. Compact form and less padding make for light gloves that make your hands move fast and allow boxers to score a win. The more professional the fight, the smaller the gloves, generally. Amateur boxers have specific size requirements depending on their weight class.